Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Preparing to unwrap

Butter candles, lachung

I'm emerging from beneath Faux-Shagreen Stool orders and breathing, again.

I wasn't truly ready for the good things (orders), and attentions, the DOMINO piece brought.

CIRCA TRADE will be mentioned in the NY Times this Thursday click for the Personal Shopper slide show, CIRCA a few items in.)

Now I'm girding too.

I've spent so much of time/life well-below the radar - it's safer there.
My little shop in Hudson has a few admirers, folks shop there but the attentions are small, manageable.
My website is about the same. Orders come in, nice comments, but hardly a shopping portal.

And now it's shifting and I'm trying to stop worrying about disappointing customers when I've sold the one santos/suzani/Roorkhee chair/Naga necklace they'd taken a shine to.

Sometimes in these past few days, I've wished for an inventory of 4 types of pencils.

We wish for success - I do. Now just need to rise up to meet it, stock in hand.

C - partially explaining retailer's angst

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