Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hudson in the new year

(Hoping no one finds Hudson in the Bath gratuitous nudity.)

I have been CIRCA/self focused so far in 2007 and haven't done a proper Hudson post in ages.

And there are updates to be had.

Excellent reports from Dad's visit with him last week.

And a late-to-link post of Lynn's Christmas photos of the little man amidst his family, cousins, toys I don't recognize and my favorite shot of boy backed by life-size tonka truck-thing. (See the slideshow, only teasers here.)

Will post Dad's thorough and glowing report shortly (watch this space) but the upshot's been: The BOY is great. He sleeps, he smiles, he likes many many things including enchiladas but excluding all Gerber products...

Here's to a Hudson 2007 for all.



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