Saturday, December 09, 2006

When I'm not posting

Every day I don't check-in here - to post, wallow in posts-past - I'm thinking more about From a Cafe than if I'd just written a little something and posted it.

What I realize: traveling in India was bubble time. Experience, ruminate + reflect on (India demands musing), draft and fiddle and photograph, then find an internet café and write. Each day, the circle could be closed with a post because the other stuff: of life and Rus and Circa Trade and family and Hudson and train rides and oil bills and mice (chipmunks??) a-nesting in our sock drawers - well that was just on-hold. So the writing was blissfully easy - I could begin a thought (of which there are about a zillion - I have a notebook still of incomplete ones) amidst my day and then package it up for consumption before bed.

Now I’m amidst the messiness and the thoughts. Still they're there in plenty but not-so tidy and so their telling would require extraneous strands and back-stories and contexts to be brought in too.

So, that's my: sorry but I’m standing by it.

If you suspect I've been up to nothing at all, a-twiddlin' between city and upstate as I've not been posting, joy-riding the train to and fro, running in the park and dining late at the Macedonian on the corner with R - please do visit the CIRCA TRADE site. In my silence here I’ve been chatty and visual there; updating daily with the stuff of the travels.

And, because you read this far, small secret:
In February 2007, a certain design shopping magazine will feature a certain CIRCA TRADE item and for this future exposure, I labor now.

And send love along with the rambling.

C - watching the squirrel and the cardinal peaceably co-exist at my feeder

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Marie-Helene Carleton said...

in celebration of that certain item, and looking forward to the issue of that certain magazine - with special congratulations to a certainly amazing someone - well done! can't wait to see it