Monday, December 18, 2006

Arranging the objects in a certain order...

In this corner

"From the foot of the Great Khan's throne a majolica pavement extended.
Marco Polo, mute informant, spread out on it the samples of the wares he had brought back from his journey's to the ends of the empire:
a helmet,
a sea shell,
a coconut,
a fan.
Arranging the objects in a certain order on the black and white tiles,
and occasionally shifting them with studied moves,
the ambassador tried to depict for his monarch's eyes
the vicissitudes of his travels,
the conditions of the empire,
the prerogatives of the distant provincial seats."

Italo Calvino from Invisible Cities.

Bits of pottery and two ladies

Since, despite all best intentions, I'm going to guess that most readers will not get to the store by Christmas, here's a taste of what's there.

Puppet (Wayang Golek, West Java) observes the Cardinal. Very small cultural stand-off

Necklace of glass trade beads and pendant of silver ladies

(and what I've been fidgeting with these past few days. A big-ish piece sold and so - as is the wonderful/daunting nature of this business - everything needed to be re-arranged to fill the gap...)

Alchemical prints and Uzbek ikat tunic.

And (last bit of promotion), if you want to join the CIRCA TRADE email list which I promise will be non-intrusive-but-informative - you can sign up here.

Umbrella and, in hindi, peace on earch

Back to the store I go.


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