Saturday, December 16, 2006

And we too want: World Peace (please)

For anyone still reading - or not because there's so little afoot - know that my attentions have been focused on my little company (concern?) these past weeks.

And so, if you check you'll see that the action's been there.

For the holidays, between stocking candycanes and attempting festive, we've decked the store in non-denominational but profoundly holiday-minded attire.

In one window (the left), there's a gathering of buddhas, monks, a saint and a globe - a global creche of sorts.

In the other window, we spell it out.

Peace Sign : Hudson Supermarket

(Extra points and a secret gifts for any who names all the languages in which PEACE ON EARTH is writ.)

Peace, C.


joe laz said...

from the top...


happy holidays!

ctp said...

Joe -
So very close - am checking with our Bulgarian judge...

But for identifying the other mystery guest - the lovely, bubbly, Burmese - you are deserving regardless.

Email me your address and prize will wing its way.

Happy holidays in all the world's tongues.


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