Saturday, December 09, 2006

And by your friends, we shall know you

Beach at night1

Flickr is what's good about the web.

A place to post photos in real-size for public consumption, discussion and - via titling and tagging - public small-group-with-shared-interests-forming.

As high school allowed us to divide, then sub-divide and further fragment, into esoteric clubs with meetings and newsletters and identifying t-shirts, so does Flickr assemble virtually the others who also like to photograph:
high-pile nomadic carpets,
persian tiles in shapes,
whale-watching class trips
weddings in forests,
branches without leaves,
winters in the tropics,
holidays with extended families,
Christmas presents that require adult assembly,
rice dishes of Southeast Asia,
quail hunting on stocked lands...

Or really anything unobjectionable to the majority that might fit in a frame.

And so, as in high school, it is most flattering to be invited to join an interest sect.

With the photo above, and apparently a few others also tagged with "beach" and I suppose "cliff", I am now a member of:

Its about cilffy beaches and beaches with cliff.Should have sea,beach,rocky cliffs or rocky highlands on the coastline.

C - Happy to be a member of a club that will have me.


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