Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Very Hudson Thanksgiving

Father swing son

Rus and I returned late (late) Sunday eve from Dallas and a thoroughly Hudson Thanksgiving hosted by Chad and Hudson, attended by Lynn and Bill, Dad and Sarah, me and R.

From the photos of the trip though, you'd be forgiven for thinking there was no one but Hudson there. The camera found him, he found the camera - a sort of magic and everyone else kind of dropped away...

Hudson's Thanksgiving Photos

Quiet moment with mag

Chad, with nanny-all-rounder Yvonne's help, is raising an amazing boy. Grandparents and in-laws rightly suspect he may be even beyond amazing to utter genius but for now, we can report that he is right on track with healthy + normal development, as well as showing the very definite signs of a lovely personality to boot.

crawls exceptionally,
raises himself to a sort of standing unreservedly,
tracks people with dogged focus and full 360's of the little head,
babbles sounds that may or may not be words,
has fully fleshed-out sturdily and maintained lovely baby skin,
nurtured 2 top and 2 bottom teeth, a lovely curling lock of hair at the back and wisps of gold/red hair all around (that poof up and blow back in the swing wind),
prefers plastic hangars, a Bud Light box and empty water bottles to most of his more sophisticated (and suited) toys,
enjoys reading but, for the time being, would rather focus energies elsewhere,
is not always convinced that sleep’s the best use of time,
snores just a little,
doesn't just look into your eyes but seems to peer very deep,
has the cheeks and magnificent thighs of Linds at his age,
does not like to eat cereal or sit in his high chair AT ALL,
ditto his diaper and outfits changed – as if being subjected to most ungodly tortured,
is gracious with all visitors,
hugs wonderfully,
loves his Dad,
makes us simultaneously miss and feel the presence of his mom.

men at rest

Thank you Chad and thank you Hudson.

With much love


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