Friday, November 17, 2006

Slides and jungle gyms, for Linds

A week ago in Dallas, a few blocks where Chad and Hudson live, a group of cousins, friends and neighbors gathered to launch a part of Lindsey's legacy at Tietze Park.

Linds and Chad had walked to the park the night before we lost her: they’d been anticipating Hudson's immanent arrival, and imagining the park’s role in their little guy’s life.

In her honor, a fund was set up to build a toddler's playground at Tietze and, with the dedication and contributions from many (too many to name here), ground for the toddler playground has been broken.

Hole-side, Chad reported:
Attached are the pictures from the groundbreaking event -- it was very fun and well attended by our group (Ten, Pep, MK, Michael and Janelle Hottinger, Rebecca and friend, Michael Fox (fritolay neighbor))...the park is getting a major overhaul and the toddler playground is the only resident financed part of the thank you again for all your support!

Love, Chad and Hudson

The fund continues to welcome contributions of course – can the world have enough space for its young? Details:

Friends of Tietze Park Foundation,
On behalf of Lindsey Brown
P.O. Box 140693, Dallas, TX 75214

Thinking about the park and Hudson just now, made me think about The Giving Tree (though one wherein the giving doesn't famish the giver).

First he'll know the park from the vantage of his stroller – the imprinting of the park’s light and shadows, a vague recollection of its trees. It’s smells will stay and bury themselves deep.
Then Hudson arrives as a toddler - higher on the jungle-gym, faster on the slide, no longer needing to be pushed on the swing. He'll be accompanied for many years - Yvonne, Chad, family, friends and babysitters too.
Eventually, Hudson will venture to the park on his own. He'll by now have chosen a conveyance so we have Hudson aboard a bike, atop skateboard, maybe on roller blades. Or possibly just on his own two feet - a runner like his mom, his grandfather. By now he'll avoid the toddler section probably, but still feel some link.
Later he'll come with books, friends, a girl...

(Fast forward over cars and beers – a feasible but not pretty to descibe-stage in the relationship too.)

Then Hudson will go away for some time. When he does come back, and takes a walk to Tietze Park, I imagine he might sit beneath a tree, this time with his own Hudson, and tell the little person how the toddler park came to be.

C – imagining Linds already sees all this

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