Friday, November 10, 2006

Hudson on tour

Hudson's been the toast of many cities and households this past month - photos and accolades are pouring in.

That Hudson had something to do with the recent and long-overdue Democrat's retaking of the House?? We speculate...

Reports are glowing: that he travels brilliantly, charms large crowds (Dad's entire JSI office, a Wine + Wipes party hosted by dad and sarah for Hudson and Yvonne in DC), has an outfit for every occasion, managed a sea change in our country's balance of power after just a few days in Georgetown, and has a smile + gurgle for all.

Dad waxed in one email:
Little Hudson has continued to charm everyone with whom he comes in contact - especially Papi. We had a great weekend with the little fellow. He spent in our room on Friday and Saturday nights. It is such a joy to wake up and have him right there, bring him into our bed and play with him. Mornings are his best time, but he's really terrific all the rest of the day - only a few more smiles in the AM...
Everyone said the same thing - not only is Hudson really cute and good looking, but he has such a nice demeanor - calm and friendly...> Only 24 more hours with Hudson. We'll miss his smiling face and his motoring on all fours. Only consolation is that we'll see him in a couple of weeks... He's a very, very special little fellow.

Not surprisingly, Hudson's been photographed everywhere he's gone, here - some of the albums with big thanks to Julie Saliba and my Dad.
Dad and Sarah's Hudson and Yvonne album

Julie Saliba's Hudson Album

Hudson in the bath2


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