Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fragility index

Fragility Index: Back to low.

Fragility index spiked off the charts yesterday: brought to near-tears that there wasn't coffee beyond domesic airport security, or internet. I must have had DELICATE writ large when I enquired about the logistics of crossing back out - the woman manning the security desk offered to send her boy to fetch me what I wanted.

But I'm safely in Bombay - my back/neck are unclenching, I've worn a skirt for the first time in India, and am re-introducing myself to my knees and ankles.

My whole being was tensed on the defensive for these past week. Good and necessary - handy as a woman on her own - but I can feel my body now unwinding.

My hotel's (3x price of last) is decent, I've done what i came to do (that's another report, all good), I completed the circle and
even if my stomach goes south ,
or I lose all my rupees,
or I don't source/buy another thing,
I will almost inevitably be able to get myself to the airport, onto a plane where I'm guaranteed a fine bathroom, and home to R with a trip I can call successful.

C - almost home, but enjoying Bombay in the meantime

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