Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To Bombay then

It doesn't seem possible, or even very timely, for a freshly engaged one - but in a few hours I'm off to India. The trip was planned pre-proposal, the trip goes on.

3 weeks of mother India - by road, rail and air - sourcing for Circa Trade (the new site should be live any minute).

In wishlist form, I'll hit the shopping highlights: Bombay-Bangalore-Cochin-Pondicherry-Ahmedabad (Gujarat's a maybe)-Delhi-Jaipur, more Rajasthan. If there's time and spirit after all that, I'll stop the sourcing and head north to Himachal Pradesh for exploring.

The blog, of course, will follow. I go with laptop, 2 cameras, batteries and adaptors and drives.

I go with a less-tempting/blingy ring on my ring finger as the actual one gets resized.

I go with R's love and understanding that this is a part of my odd make-up. Maybe not a favorite part that would take me so far for so long, but a part nevertheless. (He gets me that way.)

So - from the road then; and fromacafe becomes, again, a travel log.

Love to all



nadine said...

I thought you left already....this way I can still send best of traveling wishes, much joy with shopping and exploring and reporting from the other side fo the world.
Ready to read what your brave eyes see.

Marie-Helene Carleton said...

letters from bombay and dispatches from pondicherry. you are our most avidly read and eagerly antcipated eyes, and voice, on the ground. seems actually perfect timing for your trip, as you get to soak in the joy of the engagement on exciting soil. and appreciate your relationship even more for all the blessings your trip have. will be clicking on to fromacafe twice daily - wonderful travels. mh