Friday, October 27, 2006

Solo travel india and scuba diving

Astro me  - at Jantar Matar, Jaipur (royal astrolab, sort of)

Me at almost high noon, Jantar Mantar, Old City, Jaipur

Sometimes, this happened the other day on the drive from Pondicherry to Chennai Airport for instance, I will take a step out and above myself and then get a little scared.
Not that the perspective reveals a perceivable threat.
It's just that all of a sudden I'll realize
I'm alone
in India
and I'll be emotionally winded.
Like when you're learning to dive (as still am) and you suddenly realize there's some 30+ ft separating you and the atmosphere that you know (and require).
But then it passes. And I return to my happy self, in an Ambassador car, overtaking buses that are overtaking trucks and we're all overtaking the rickshaws, whipping by rice paddies and copses of strange wispy pines, and I'm on my way to Rajasthan,
or wherever.
And I go back to being in me and the moment.
That's all.
(I toodled around Jaipur today, went to the marvelous Anokhi Museum of Blockprinting in a restored haveli and now I'll have some food overlooking the Mughal's pink city...)
Love to all everywhere.

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