Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pigeons, for Cintra + Henry

Pigeon man in his midst

Neither as prevalent nor as loud as its crows, pigeons are neverthless everywhere in India.

Taking this photo in Bombay the other morning, two guys who'd just purchased food for the pigeons stepped over when they saw me:

Pigeon lover1: Madame, are you not having pigeons in your country?
Me: Oh yes we have them. We just don't often feed them and most people speak badly of them.
Pigeon lover2: But madam why? They're so cute.


So here's to pigeons Cin - and a piece that puts them in a properly romantic sort of light.

Up on the roof the men discuss the different breeds of racing pigeon:
the golays that fly low over the roofs, but in a perfectly straight line,
the fast and high-flying kabuli-kabooter,
or the slow but beautiful, fan-tailed nisarays...

- from William Dalrymple's City of Djinns (referring to an earlier book, Twilight in Delhi)

(Cin - hoping you pass on your love for them to your little H)

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Cintra said...

Thanks for passing on the pigeon love! Palomas sound more loveable for the little spanglish speaker...