Sunday, October 29, 2006

Manali it is

You would have missed it, but for a few hours in there it was going to be Leh (Ladakh) for the next few days.

Flights to Leh have stopped for the winter months - cool in itself and makes me want to go even more - but that's not sensible and so save to explore with R next year (better all around).

Have found a compromise in Manali.

It all got so complicated, and expensive, for a while during today's planning.
My Jet Airways flight was delayed by 5 hours, forced to spend the night at an over-priced Delhi hotel, then back for the zillionth time to the aiport tomorrow for a flight to Kullu - short of Manali so then another bus ride...

But the genius behind the counter at the Incredible!India tourism counter suggested the bus.

So - many stones down/rupees saved I'm off to Manali in an hour on the overnight bus.

Will surely see a black and white Bollywood film before bed as the bus plies north to the Himalayas.


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