Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Malabar to Coromandel

Reached - though walking spaced.

Traded in a Portuguese town for France's sole claim to India: the lovely but diminutive, Pondicherry.

Ambassador taxi + Kingfisher Air (more on them soon) + ambassador taxi + 4 hr bus + rickshaw and...

The tricky part of course was at the very end. In spirit of had-good-luck-till-now, optimistically directed rickshaw to L'Oriental. I gather I appeared dishevelled, (arriving by rickshaw is never a good start) and unlikely as a paying guest even with reservation, so - declaring themselves full - the front desk of L'Oriental gently directed me to a cement block (by the beach!) that's 1/4 of their price.

No matter. Sleaze for the night and, having secured valuables and brushed my hair, have found an even lovelier one that will have me and booked it for tomorrow eve and the next...the Villa Helena.

More once I've slept and absorbed east coast locale.


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