Monday, October 30, 2006

The last week

Haveli hall  - at the Anokhi Blockprint Museum, Ajmer

It's flurried newness and movement for the first 2 weeks but now (8th hotel room), entering the last, I'm very ready to head home.

And see R.

And unpack in one place.

And have more than a pair of pants to choose from each morning. Wear my engagement ring and jewelry generally beyond a sports watch.

And stop washing my underwear each night. And hiding rupees in all my pockets.

Other than that though, full steam onwards and Manali is - once again - stunning this morning.

But I bet New York is too.



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John C. said...

New York was in fact stunning this morning. I've been biking to work in Brooklyn very early these days and the sunrise from the bridge makes that little part of the day seem worth it. See you soon....