Saturday, October 21, 2006

Diwali treat - Jolie in India report

There was the much bigger news in India today. The waiters at Leopold's wanted to discuss the TATA take-over of Corus, which made them beamingly proud to be Indian as they gathered around my front page.

But there was also this...

From Diwali lights welcome Jolie, Pitt to Jodhpur in today's Times of India

Reporting that the Brad + Jolie crew are leaving Pune for 5 days holiday in Jodhpur, the writer prods the young pilot-to-be of the departing celebs:
"So what is flying a Hollywood personality like?"
He replies:
"I starched and ironed my uniform..the aircraft was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, the seat covers chnaged and the cabin decked up with rose boquets and plates of cookies and pastries - which, of course, were left untouched."

And though Brangelina's security team failed to get Pune aiport's main entrance closed off, they:
"Nevertheless went around and picked on whoever appeared suspicious..."

Fresh gossip, one time only this is happening as special Diwali treat.


Addendum to this. In today's Times, and article on the frustrations of foreign filmakers in India. From it:
"It takes four days to get equipment cleared from the customs. If the foreign crew is informed about this and organises itself accordingly, lot of heartburn will be avoided..."

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