Thursday, October 12, 2006

Defining bittersweet

Tomorrow's the anniversary of Hudson's 6th month in our world and Linds' 6th absent from it.

I do not know what to make of this.

Hudson should not have to share his arrival with a departure. I hope that, as years unwind and Hudson gets more teeth, a voice, we'll discover how to celebrate Linds along side him.

Maybe an extra candle, or silence, or Lindsey-esque dance-of-joy.

Cousin Annie (newly-married + ever-thoughtful), sent the following: prayers from us read by Ashley to Hudson at Linds' memorial.

(Note to the non-denominated: I too sometimes get a little jeeby with prayers, so if you want to substitiute "wishes" or "fervent hopes" that's okay too.)

A Prayer for Hudson

We pray you always know how deeply loved and cherished you are by all your mom’s family - aunts, uncles and cousins included. They would do anything for you. Their love for you is unconditional.

We pray you are blessed with your mother’s remarkable gift for instantly warming a person’s heart with her enormous, brilliant smile.

We pray you know how grateful we are that you were born and how blessed we feel to have you in our lives.

We pray that you have your parents’ zest for love and adventure.

We pray you have eyes like your mother so your daddy can look into them and see 2 great loves of his life.

We pray your father teaches you to dance so you can woo all the girls onto the dance floor and make your mom proud.

We pray that you admire your father’s courage and strength.

We pray you grow up embodying the same joyful, curious and generous spirit as your mother.

We pray you grow not only in size and strength but in wisdom as well.

We pray you get to know your grandparents really, really well. They’re all amazing.

We pray your dad will find a way to acknowledge a moment of joy in each day, and share it with you, paying tribute to the joy your mom gave and received out of life each day.

We pray that when you’re 33 you will be living as full a life as your mom was.

We pray your father will sleep well at night and laugh and dance with your mom in his dreams.

We pray that your daddy reads you Goodnight Moon with much frequency.

We pray that you fall as deeply in love with someone as your mom and dad did with each other.

And we pray that you always know how much your mom loves you and that even though you can’t see her, we pray you always know she’s there.

Much love, from your mom’s cousins and sister: Ashley, Johnny, Tenley, Courtney, Andrew, Peppie, Susanna and Annie (and their spouses)

C (peace-out little H)

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