Sunday, October 29, 2006

Crafts of Rajasthan

Blocking, Sanganer India

Yesterday a whirlwind of Rajasthani crafts - traveling out of Jaipur to the messy city of Sanganer.

Sanganer backstory: Mughal ruler Raja Man Singh brought the Kagzis - a paper-making community that traces routes back to Turkey via China (!) - and planted them by the (then) clear waters of the River Saraswati to be his in-house paper producers. His go-to's for the sheafs.

Paper's still a-making there, though of a quality the great Moghul poets and caligraphers would have swooned for I don't know. Regardless of how many lumpy pieces of paper pressed with rose petals (I've always hated), each papermaker still claims generational links to those early guys. And then, because it's Rajasthan and crafts are the thing, the also standard spill-over Rajasthani crafts of blockprinting and pottery are also repesented.

Potter, Jaipur

Paper pulp, Sakander

GOD is it painful to upload photos....


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