Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cochin, and the Malabar coast

Arrived last night.

Cochin interior
(what shopping looks like here)

Fort Cochin (the tourist-ish area by the Chinese Fishing nets where every residence advertizes homestay rooms, internet consisting of the single, family's computer, a cafe of a table), is looking fine this Sunday morning. Just so slightly more hospitable than Bombay.

Notes last night, in from the airport:
By Cochin airport's environs, you've started to believe in India's eventual neat-ification
Nothing here is seething as in Bombay, here there's a stillness - whereas in Bombay even rags have lives.

I might smell cardamon.
Crossing the bridge onto Fort Cochin, we passed a mahout aboard his elephant.
I did better for myself with this arrival and am met by a man with my name on a placard who leads me to a fine white Ambassador, its interiors sheathed in starched white cotton.

(None of which is to say that I do not like Bombay btw, it's just more of an exhausting and dirty challenge to love and I will continue cleaning it off my face for the next few days. )

C - off to the shops of Mattancherry

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