Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blogger engaged

God. I've managed to write about deaths, births, driving and other people's weddings but reporting my own engagement?


(also amazing and I wouldn't be worth beans if I couldn't announce my own good news.)

How to tell each one of you the big news that last night Ruslan proposed and I accepted in this least romantic of all forms.

I apologize straight off.

But I thought collective-YOU would want to know that on the evening of October 3rd, in a certain lovely restaurant not far from Central Park (R had wanted to make it happen in the sheep’s meadow en route to the dinner but mid-judged lock-out time), R proposed to C.

Rus - never ever one to talk relationships without hair pulling – spent the first half of the dinner gamely chatting about all things lovely and loving. He was aglow with relationship talk, a master.

Thrown off guard, charmed but somewhat confused, Rus managed to brilliantly introduce the topic even as I was losing the scent and before our main courses were finished.
A certain box emerged from his jacket pocket and I – not able to remember quite which words were used or when the question itself was posed – said yes to the man, and the ring and our futures.

The restaurant collectively smiled at us (though still presenting the bill), Central Park was more sparkly that evening and Tavern’s lanterns more festive, and we walked home to Ruslan’s apartment and the Chilovs awaiting (with roses and champagne),

then we danced,
and will continue to
as we marry our fortunes together.

No dates or definites yet – just this very big news to share.

C + R (who approved this message, though perhaps wishes already his fiancee was more phone person that blogger)


Anonymous said...

Dearest Courtney & Ruslan --
This is tremendous news. We cannot wait to host you here in Geneva (not as exotic as your usual haunts but terrific chocolate and great antique markets, I am told)
Ruslan -- Ziggy awaits the next chapter in chess...)
Lots and lots of happiness to the 2 of you.
A, M, Z & T

Erin Gates said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I just about fell out of my chair when I saw this! Wonderful, happy, much welcome news!! See you tonight!

Erin and Andrew

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! wonderful news!
love the new look of the site too!

Anonymous said...

Court, I cannot tell you how happy my sisters and I are for you!! I could feel your radiance through the phone last night. (I'm glad my mom made you call us! :) ) You and Rus seem so happy together, and I've never seen you so content, despite the heartache you/we have been through. Take a close-up of the ring! I hear it's beautiful!

Much, much, much love to you both!!

Nadine said...

Hardly a surprise and yet it came expectedly unexpected.
Courtney is getting married.
And so is Rus.
Can't wait to hug and congratulate both of you in person tomorrow!