Thursday, October 26, 2006

Air Deccan - opinion revised

Okay, I'm on a roll now - India's domestic airlines are fascinating me having, depended on them with this too fast trip. And they present a refreshing context from which to examine our own, flailing, carriers.

But that's for another post (another you may skip) - here, an ode to Air Deccan.

In a previous post I'd called Air Deccan "meek" based wholly on their up-thrust hand logo and tag line, "Simplifly".
I take those snide-isms back - I get it now.
Air Deccan is the people's airline, so their earnestness makes perfect sense.
As I roughly understand it:
Kingfisher Airlines is the high roller, a tiny bit flashy but knows how and where to get things done.
Indigo (haven't flown them yet but they have a very *wallpaper font/logo thing going) is the techster
Spice (also haven't flown but they're all color and zoom) is the hipster
Jet is for the arrived - the established but not rooted, the page 6-ers and the foreigners who had their entire trips booked from overseas.
Indian Airlines is for the stalwarts, the traditionalists, the old hands and the foreigners with travel agents unaware that there was another option.

And Air Deccan, bless its populist soul, is the civic minded ascetic, and the super cheap, book-as-we-go, foreigners.

Air Deccan's mission (crudely paraphrased here) is for every last Indian to emerge from his/her village, field, maligned territory and - by Air Deccans' extraordinarily low fares and thorough + far-reaching destination list (5 in the remote 7 sister states) - step aboard an Air Deccan aircraft and experience for themselves the fruits of these modern times.

Their mission actually talks about such goals.
They give you a free additional ticket if your flight is delayed.
I may be imagining but the folks on my flight seemed less hoggy with the bathroom, more polite to the hostesses (I felt guilt for taking extra toilet paper) - as if each inspired to keep in brusque step with this exemplary new thing.

Indian security is its own issues, Air Deccan's ground-staff not most charming, and we were just slightly delayed, but there was a clarity to their mode and, for the first time in some while, I didn't feel resented by the carrier paid to carry me.

C - chatty in Jaipur as I wait to hear from a hotel

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