Wednesday, October 11, 2006

2 teeth and rice cereal

On + on about me and Rus and mom and no mention of Hudson: who deserves and, with reports like Lynn's below, could sustain, a blog of his own. A better aunt might have developed one rather than sandwiching Hudson tidbits and photos amidst my own day to day.

Till Chad gets him blogging, I'll do my best.

Here's the latest shots + report from Lynn.

Hi all, just wanted you to see some of the cute things Hudson does now.

Chad has him all figured out and explained the details of how to get him to eat his most tasteless rice cereal. You can tell most of it was outside his mouth. Anyway, you start with the bottle and once Hudson gets going strong, you take it out and while you pretend to put it back in his mouth you slip in a spoonful of rice. It just sits on his tongue until you insert the nipple and he gets the stuff he really likes. (he would prefer that I clean the nipple but I didn't).

Short and sweet naps occur occasionally. He doesn't really need the pacifier and I should have left it to get him to smile more. He does that very easily by the way.

His other famous trick is to do push ups on his toes. He goes up and down a lot and rarely smacks his face on the floor. He is very strong and will be sitting up all by himself very soon. (just needs a little help).

The big news is he has two bottom teeth. And no angst over it. They just came out while we hanging out. Both guys are doing well, as is Nanny.

What I've noticed:
The baby you know and love is eternally fascinating. The baby of another - a co-worker, the aisle seat across country - could levitate and I wouldn't care.
So - Hudson (whom I love) - may you continue with your cute and obviously indicative-of-a-luminous-intelligence-antics but, even if from here on in you sit like a lump, I will treasure photos of that too.

And I hope, blog readers, you agree as there'll be more Hudson photos where these came from.

Love (engaged!-aunt) C

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