Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What arrowheads are to us

"All archaeologists working in the area have already joined their colleagues at the site, and are working without rest, adrenaline rushing through their veins."
- From Sofia News Agency, "Bulgarians Unearth Unique Thracian Gold Treasure"

Bulgaria's ancient culture made front pages elsewhere (though not registering on our own domestic screens).

Thracian priestess burial mound found on Black Sea Coast, just south of Sinemorets, not far from Veleka River head. Thracian = 3rd cen. BC., found intact - an univestigated mound left alone for over 2000 years.

R and I were there two weeks ago. Just a little early and without our Thracian tomb radar on, we drove right by the mount.

What they found, and this is even more stunning if you're getting the frequency that these tombs are being turned up, is an intact burial chamber full of lovely things to accompany a priestess on her journey into the underworld.

(What we don't know about Bulgaria could fill more than one Thracian tomb.)

C - hoping priestess reached and reigns

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