Friday, September 29, 2006

The train till 34

Almost a year into having car/venturing solo, and driving continues to infuse me with a warm glow.

Friday I did a roundtrip home-Litchfield CT (auction pick up) - home. Mapquested the route, studied an actual map (Mapquest: 0, old-fashioned map: 1) and worried about the drive as I procrastinated making it.

The gods didn't feel it in them to smile on my venture - they distributed downpours on the valleys I crossed.
The trucks, even the very big ones, did not stay off my route. Even the wide-loads were represented.
And the country roads themselves didn't reveal themselves in any sort of order that would have made naivgating their snarl simple.

But I did it and saved the map to relive it with R last night. The high sustained me through the day - better even than hosting a popular bird feeder.

What lifetime drivers can't appreciate is the liberation of a later-in-life drive. I reset my trip odometer often and seeing it inch up never pales.
This particular trip passed through places I'd known as a passenger: past Goshen Fairgrounds, precious Washington. But now I experienced them for the first time and by this new act of navigating to them, claimed them finally.

Ned Lamont replaced Hilary signs. In other lands, 3-4 traveling hours would take me clean out of country. Imagine, not Welcome to Connecticut (slightly better kept towns, lower sales tax), but a border patrol, a stamp and, like that, I'm amidst signs I can no longer read and peoples who stand to a different anthem.

One of these days, must take this new talent on the global roads.

C (not advocating driving per se – pro public transport – but have spent 35 years not using up the world's gas)

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