Monday, September 11, 2006

Sharp dressed H

well dressed men

Chad and Hudson flew from Dallas to be at the wedding.

Chad -
single father of an almost-5-month old,
full-time at a job that takes him to lands beyond the pale of standard business,
and widower of less than a year -

travelled some 5 hours (in coach) with his tiny son to be at the wedding.

Chad packed their bags - Hudson's with an outfits for each event (photos to follow). He'd kitted a diaper bag for eventualities. Along with his own suit and tie, he'd brought Hudson's onesie-version. Then, together, the two came west to stay in a hotel room that Linds had booked in early April.
(Linds had already arranged for a crib in the room.)

After people ask after Hudson, most ask how Chad/the dad is doing.
I answer some combination of coping and sad.

But what I really should say is:
Chad and Hudson are making it through, and forward, every single day. Hudson's healthy and handsome and a total joy.
And Chad is the man to thank and also celebrate.

C - sending my love southwards to the two exceptionally well dressed men

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