Monday, September 18, 2006

Let Tiki Barber run

In the way that the world's unfair in many small ways, R received an invitation from colleagues to attend a Football Gala at Cipriani Friday night.

R and my collective knowledge of American football wouldn't fill a thimble.
Growing up, I bet with Dad on pro-games (completing after my bedtime) by choosing the team with the best helmets. (50/50 odds)

Realizing it would be beyond rude to not know basics , and having just the 15 minutes it took to travel from the Upper West Side to Mid-town to gather knowledge, we leaned in to the closest source we had.

Beyond lucky, our cab driver was a genial and well informed fount of patiently imparted knowledge.

Nearing 42nd street, I think it was R who posed the question of the evening: "If you could tell Tom Coughlin (Giant's Coach) one thing, what would it be.”

Zero hesitation.

I asked him repeat the name and wrote it on my ticket. R and I murmured it to one another as we entered Cipriani's cavernous main hall (dwarfed by fellow attendees).

We had a bellini, inspected a silent auction table of cleats and balls signed by players we'd never know (a signed Larry Bird basketball caught R's eye), then the moment our cab driver would give his eye teeth for:
R's associate navigated us to an audience with Mr. Coughlin.

Shifting under his stern gaze, we delivered the driver's advice.
"Let Tiki Barber run."

And damned if Mr. Coughlin didn't smile just a little and, we think, take it into consideration.

Reporting to medallion #6N22 - opinion relayed.


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