Sunday, September 24, 2006

In Buenos Aires, Henry arrives

This little man - Henry Emiliano Mount - arrived September 21, 2006. He arrived on the first day of the Argentine spring, our own first day of fall.

Autumnal here, vernal there - equal parts day and night everywhere - he will be a balanced boy.

Henry arrived into the very loving arms of parents Cintra Scott and Ian Mount. He is healthy as all get-out, too large for 0-3 month clothing, beyond the stuff of newborns.

Parents Cin + Ian

Ian has kept us in the baby loop with rollicking reports. Skype is, indirectly, aready a part of the little man's life.

And dear Cin, resting up and falling for Henry, is already mother in the fullest sense.

Up here, in drizzly Germantown with the Catskills fading behind a drape of gray, we're thinking a lot about the new person in our world.

And welcoming him.

Love to Henry, Cintra and Ian.


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