Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Come to HUDSON

Sanos atop zinc table, suzani backdrop

The other day, Haylie (of Collete), Able (of Able Sun Interiors) and myself (of soon ravamped, fiddled with our collective image. Specifically, Hudson Supermaket's front left window.

We styled and moved objects imperceptibly about. Haylie and I lifted Able's enormous gilded bird-cage - a relic of some haversham/vreeland menagerie - on and off the rolling plinth 4 times. I went down the street to get fruit for our display (ill-prepared and seasonally-boot-strapped man's prop).

What we really need though? More even than another bushel of tiny pears and a wide angle lens to capture what we'd created for an ad to get the word out?


It's all well to style a pretty window and stock our respective shops with the most beguiling inventory this side of the Hudson, but if residents of New York City continue to think shopping begins and ends with the West Village, wherever-the-Hamptons, or the Berkshires in a pinch, or requires a pond-cross for the good stuff - then we're in trouble todo.

No amount of tiny pears, exotic wares from Uzbekistan, the Atlas Mountains and Kerala's backwaters would sate an audience who just will not make the journey.

Warren Street Hudson

And so to plug:
Come to Hudson NY this weekend and discover not only Circa Trade, Collette and Hudson Supermarket (conveniently all at 310 Warren Street), and the town Budget Travel named one of the Top 10 Coolest Small Towns in America this year, but come for Arts Walk and all the goofy, arty and festive that the fall weekend conjures (or could).

Go to Penn Station, get on any train bound for Montreal or Albany (there are lots), get off 2 hours later having spent a lovely interlude traveling along the mighty Hudson, alighting in the charming Hudson.

Hudson Station in close

As you exit the station, you'll see taxis. They'll take you wherever you like, they know places close-in and farther out, with a views of a silo, a street lamp. Or, ignore the cabs and walk two blocks up the street, take a right and, like that, you're on Hudson's main drag: Warren Street.

You can WALK to, in and fro everywhere in Hudson. No car needed. B+Bs, swanky and not-so very restaurants, all the shops - they're reachable ON FOOT.

In the vicinity of 310 Warren, ask for me (Courtney), and I'll buy you a very big glass of wine.


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