Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chappals and a poofy sleeve

Friday with the jocks, yesterday amongst the mean girls.

Went to a "Fashion and Design Trade Event" in Chelsea - two designers I'm trying in the Circa Trade mix had booths.

I'm a little drab spot amongst pastel fashionistas. Can't go home to change into something brighter, more fanciful, so take a seat and spy at footwear over the top of my notebook:

My clogs feel medieval - cement propelling me into the purgatory of those whose footwear does not keep pace.

Last week, I was just-keeping-up in dark skinny jeans. Here, they rank me as amateur.

If the Home Show last month was the decorating girl's dream, this is the girl porn.

Say it's so cute enough times, with inflection, and a collection is born - somewhere in America a boutique window fills.

Chappals (India's everyman sandals) making a strong showing. Gandhi would be so pleased to see them in metallics.
Gladiator sandals.
Tiny frames tilt skywards in wedges.

If your cotton shift/ropy jewelry/wispy shrug hasn't been featured in the pages of LUCKY, InStyle or on a celeb's back, you're doing something extraordinarily wrong.

Relentless femininity championed everywhere - as if eyelet, poofy sleeve and mid-thigh hem were our due and our closets hadn't lived till this season.

If this were high school, I'd be in the art center.

C - thankful they're just another New York tribe and for the cool bag given free at the show


julia zay said...
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julia zay said...

hee hee. great post. exactly--the art center.