Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cambodia aside

Following on my loose tying-in of news from Cambodia with the rest of my faith ramble yesterday (there was a connection btw: return and rebirth = faith), here's a lovely addendum tour of the reviving of the fantastic National Museum in Phnom Penh.

Monks, meditating kings and tales of mind/body reunions.

And, an aside on this aside.

Cambodia's National Museum has been on the receiving end of aid and expertise for some time and from all manner of organizations and nations.

(What's new this time is that, finally, the museum is in good enough shape and the nation sustainably stable that Khmer treasures are being returned. Not yet from individual collectors, or from the shops at River City, but from collections and museums around the world.)

When I visited the museum in '98 with an Aussie friend, he pointed out that the fine metal roof on the museum had been donated by Australia. Hoping to best a metal roof with a new wing, or something equaivalent, I asked what the US had given.
My friend didn't know but we found a laminated card taped to the water cooler that read:
Donated by the United States of America.


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