Friday, August 11, 2006

When Rinpoche came to stay

Nagas in the basement...
Enlightened ones above.

Friends Nina and Lobsang (my Kathmandu hosts) brought Rinpoche to stay Wednesday night.
Rinpoche = enlightened one, precious one, an incarnate lama.
In Dr. Tsewang Rinpoche’s case, of the lineage of Nima Drakpa, one of the 25 Disciples of Guru Rinpoche.

A first for 9G - perhaps not. There have been enlightened ones, and followers of the enlightened, up the Hudson for ages. But a first for Germantown and this little farm house? Bet yes.

I'd emailed Nina and her mom/my god mom Jeannie (who'd had the trio for the last week) for hosting thoughts.

Boiled water, room temperature.
Black tea.
Does not like: fish, mushrooms.
Very fond of: Meat, corn on the cob. (Out with your western-buddhism pre-notions, Tibetan Buddhists are hardly raised on organically farmed sweet peas. More aligned to: all things yak.)
His own bedroom - Rinpoche rises at 3am to pray, chant.

I worried about household things in a new light:
Would Rinpoche find his bed cloyingly (western-ly) soft.
My Chinese ancestor portrait flagrantly pro-Chinese.
My Tibetan pieces, horribly cultural-sacking.
Would my house transmit some higher-level vibe that was wrong, off-putting, karmically not right.
Would he find my toilet paper acceptable. Would he enjoy my shampoos.
Would he sulk or giggle or wander.
Should I warn him about deer ticks.
My fly swatter is about – how does he feel about fly swatters??

Another post on the dinner we had together, the house blessing he performed, my own pulse-reading by Rinpoche, the pee-examination, to follow.

C – of whose house they may one day say, like a latter day George Washington: 3751 Route 9G – Rinpoche slept here.

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