Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Mellon display, Sozopol

Diligently pitched into our modern era (on course for EU inclusion next year), signs of the new Bulgaria are about.

Bigger-than-Sam's-Club super stores on city's outskirts.
Swankier-than-our-own gas station shops stocking liquors and gourmet coffee.
Little girls dressing like Nicole Richie.
Japanese tourists.

To the mix add SUVs. Fortunately and like their western counterparts, they keep to urban areas while in the countryside, soviet-era cars continue do the heavy lifting.

And displaying.

(Out of shot but the mellon-purveyor-car-owner was shifting produce from the front seats to the back display as I walked up.)

C missing Sozopol, as is R

And the car in the photo? R's unerring eye says it's a Trabant.

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ellen said...

welcome back - glad you had a good trip.

book recommendation for you: Young Female, traveling alone. Anne-Marie Pop. I haven't read it but it got some good write ups and is travel oriented.