Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nagas below

This is an un-posted post of a few days back, but remains unresolved. I haven't yet gone below but did (like a haunted house Virgil), point out the snake-skin to my guests this weekend...

Friday, August 4
Cloisters by Mavrogordato
Tomorrow's to-do:
Go below, into house's crawl-space off the enough-spooky/dirt-floored basement, in search of a smell-culprit.

The kitchen's not smelled right for a few weeks. R allowed (I had to ask) there was something of animal pee...

Incense has been a stop-gap but with guests this weekend, I thought a good host would investigate.

To follow, the house's former-owner Nick advises:

>From: "Courtney Pyle"
>To: "'nick
>Subject: RE: fireplace follow-up question
>Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 19:11:23 -0400
>Nick: a squeamish one for you.
>Over the last month have noticed that the kitchen's smelling odd.
>Thought it might be something caught (dead?) in the crawl space so went
>down just now with a flashlight and discovered
a very long snake's shed skin right at the entrance to the crawl
>(by the water heater).
>I didn't go further (no snake fan) but wondered if you all had ever
>encountered similar, if you thought the two were linked and had
>I could call in an exterminator? Or I also saw "basement experts"
>advertising somewhere.
>That's it, not so worried.
>All best, cool

-----Original Message-----
From: nicholas
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2006 7:41 AM
Subject: RE: fireplace follow-up question

Doubt if the the snake has much to do with the smell. Used to see shed skins them now and again. Something might have gotten into the crawl space and expired. Even something as small as a field mouse will smell to high heavan. Easier to see in there if you pry up the two boards (you can see the pry marks) right next to the closet in the dining room. There are two, roughly square in shape, and beveled at the edges to fit. On the south side under the side porch and in the flower beds are metal ventilating grills.

But with all the dampness lately everything smells a bit 'weird'. Crawl space is gravel and should be pretty dry. Be brave.


Nick -

Okay, with flashlight will descend. Had visions of a rotting snake pit below the house...imagination + heat = hell for new home owner.

Believe I can handle a few snakes if they keep to themselves. A dead animal, say - size of field mouse - can't be that horrendous.

Will report : )

(Thank you)


Nick = voice of calm and reason.

Last one from him just now, I suppose imagining me cowering in the attic for the eve:

Shouldn't be anything more than spider webs, and hell the crawl space might be cooler than any other place. Just old house jitters, you'll do just fine. Keep me posted.

C - Sleeping on/over it

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