Monday, August 28, 2006

Live and let

men at play, sozopol

A favorite quote from Bulgraia Blue Guide's, James Pettifer:

"...Bulgarians are generally broad-minded, moderately hedonistic and tolerant."

He refers to family and relationships, but I'd say the Bulgarian live-let-live (have a rakia, lose the top, park on the highway if there's a phone call to take) spirit runs through more.

Walking the eastern sea-edge of Sozopol's old town one evening glanced down (pretty light on the beach) and spot these guys.

If they were aware of how vividly, symbolically, eve-affirmingly picaresque they were, they didn't let on.
They never looked up from beers or game.

Drinks sur l'eau

C - toasting Bulgaria, though sadly not from a table amidst the evening-tide.

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Antonie Manolova said...

You have a gift for spotting life's statements around you.