Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I didn't mention

Last weekend, before we hosted Rinpoche and while Dad was just en route in from Uganda (he and Sarah were my easy-as-blueberry-crumble, low-key house guests along with friend-since-Turkey Gordon Wilson last weekend), and Sarah awaited him at my house,

R and I attended jessica and callum's wedding.

I met Jessica when Mom and Rod still had their house on Field Road. She was a best neighbor sort of person - the one who brought filleted venison in neat packages, news and gifts of her well-tended garden, perfect cakes made as props. It was jessica who initiated my contact with the guys at Malabar (in Hudson), and Jessica who organized the amazing "meet the neighbors" brunch at Rokeby when R and I had just landed in the area.

Anyway - there's more Jessica praise where that came from but, for now, just a belated congratulations to her and callum.



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