Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dog days

That's Zeugma on the porch...

And that's Micah.

And that, dear readers, is about the extent of it in upstate new york.

(And excuse for dribbling posts.)

In other lands they take the month off and abandon their cities. To use the Brits-in-India model, they'd head for the highlands to live an autonomous, deeply social and ultimately unproductive life in the purpose-built hill stations. Real life of the heat and the plains took a hiatus: India was left to run on automatic and the backs of the greener recruits, and happy amongst their hills the Brits pressed flowers, shot things, mucked about in their gardens and went a-calling.

I don't think great thoughts came out of those months at high altitudes, just good gossip.

So, that's what i'm going with.

Too damn hot (to blog)


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