Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bulgaria or bust

Up the proverbial blog sleeve for a while: tomorrow I leave for BULGARIA.

Joining R (who left last Friday) and spending almost 2 weeks traipsing about the country, with a long rest spell by the Black Sea shore at Varna.

Varna, possibly better known to non-Balkan/Bulgarians, as Dracula's embarkation port...

"It turns out the schooner is a Russian from Varna and is called the Demeter. She is almost entirely in ballast of silver sand, with only a small amoint of cargo-a number of great wooden boxes filled with mould..."- Bram Stoker

(R and I will be holidaying, not undead-stalking, but will be hard to stay away from the creaking docks when the weather goes stormy.)

Very excited to be off, to be there, to see family Chilov and have wonderful breakfasts of peaches and feta on the balcony and rakia in the eves.

Posts from last year's Bulgaria visit here.

C - anticipating

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wtofd said...

Photos, please, of tomatoes along with those peaches and feta.