Friday, August 11, 2006

And by my

Examining pee
There were moments in the Rinpoche's visit:

Barefoot across the cowhide Cintra brought from Argentina, Rinpoche appeared confused as his feet met the slick-furry texture. I worried but shouldn't have - hides are fine, and Rinpoche smiled at it fondly.

Spotting my binoculars, Rinpoche proceeded to wear them round his neck for the rest of his visit. Handy when a young deer came to the edge of my yard to feed. Useful as Rinpoche sought the face of Buddha in the full moon.

Rinpoche cleaned his whole plate of blueberry cobbler.

I was instructed to collect my pee in the am. For the Rinpoche - as part of my whole-body pulse taking examination, true to the tenants of Sowa Rigpa (healing of the High Himalayas) - so would my pee provide clues.

I put it in a white bowl, Rinpoche stirred it with a twig (examining the way it bubbled, how the bubbles clustered or didn't around the bowl's edge), tossed in a leaf (to see how the leaf interracted), and watched it for other signs.

These aren't instructions I'd take from many, or an offering I'd make.

But somehow with Rinpoche, there was a rightness to the proceeding. And nothing untoward about the examination of a cup's contents.


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