Thursday, July 27, 2006

To and fro, then this and that

It's getting late and the bugs of my screened porch are, mostly, finding fascination in the floor lamp and the candle, I have some peace.

NPR is giving me the sad news of the world (as if it's not enough to mourn Lebanon, they're on Eritrea now.)

The frog's are making known.

And I'm having some focused time on Circa Trade inventory - logging Uzbek Ikats and Philippine santos, manhandling my jerry-rigged Excel inventory, preparing paperwork for the accountants I hired this afternoon to make sense of, and hopefully foresee profits for, this fledgling little company.

Which is to say, this has been a year of so many tugs that, if this blog sometime reads as a mash well, then, that's probably as fair reflection.

Lindsey's death, Hudson's birth, Grandma going - laid across the irregular beat of me to and fro the city, and my first year in this house, and the first year of Circa Trade, and (if readers recall) a still-nascent driver navigating it all.

It's hard on a Gemini.

And it's been hard on me.

And if it seems like I'm following odd paths and worrying threads well, then, that's probably per-character.

The Scrabble happens with the blueberries, the glue gun rock projects, the textile research, the bird-study, house painting, bat eradicating, Lindsey mourning/Hudson celebrating, garden discovering, weed cursing...

C - all at once. Wishing life would work in themed chapters.

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Kaiser said...

Hang in there, Courtney. You are well-loved by many of us. Hug in thought..