Thursday, July 06, 2006

Making do with dial-up

My heart's with dial-up - I'd hate this Maine I love any other way - but it is limiting blog-wise.

Photos, for starters, take a few eons-each to upload - if at all.

Which makes for dry posts.

Which is that much sadder because I'm RICH in Hudson photos right now. And christening photos and family photos. With the photos I can't show you I could transport you to the tri-part ceremony we made for Hudson Sunday afternoon.

We started at 2 in front of the cottage, by the smaller of the two lawn-stones. Sarah had set out a table-cum-altar that we gathered around. The afternoon's score played on Matt's iPod. The three waters: of Atlantic, the Hudson River and the Jordan, were set out and a picture of Lindsey to watch over us all.

We proceeded to the beach. Reverand/cousin/MC Ashley went barefoot down (our beach is not clog-friendly) and we stood with the islands at our backs as Chad, then Lynn and MK read. And Hudson had his first head-wet.

Then we went into the woods. Hudson was a smidgen edgy for this part (or for my reading in particular) but otherwise, all was primordial-ly fantastic as we stood beneath the pine canopy on a moss floor. Sarah read, and Matt and me.

Then back to the beginning place on the lawn. R read If, Dad "Oh, the Places You'll Go". Ash did a last prayer of welcome, Hudson had his third and final dousing and we tossed him in the ocean.

We didn't.

(checking who reads now there are no pictures to look at.)

But we did take an almost-3-month old with a very sodden hair-do in to be fed.

He's seemed wiser, more grounded and more christened in these days since.

No, not really. But it is certain that he has Maine in him now, and all of our love, for good.

And Linds was for sure there.

Love to all


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