Friday, July 21, 2006

Inheriting Grandma

Everyone who spoke Saturday mentioned it, how Grandma gave.

And she had a whole lot to give.

Saturday morning the girl cousins and aunt snooze went through Grandma's jewelry (posthumous giving).

Grandma had had her "good stuff" stolen from Meadowlark Hill sometime in the '60s (there's a story but I can't recall and she'd have been the best to tell it).
Anyway, what Grandma wore for the next 40-some years were adornments more spectacularly Grandma than whatever could have come before. What brooches and strands and cocktail rings and charm bracelets lacked in broad-market value, they trumped in Grandma-exuberance points.

Lots of bright colors, lots of avian and vegetal-themed pieces, cloisonné mixed in with tourmalines, enameled Harvard clip-in earrings beside a triple-strand of not-quite pearls.

And since each was familiar for its place in our Grandma memories, many prominent on grandma's bosom, they were trips unto themselves.

We all wore pieces to the service that evening - Grandma's giving just keeping on...

C - old enough to have her first cocktail ring

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glosser said...

do show us photos of these exquisite pieces! any with Grandma wearing them, or you all wearing them?