Friday, July 07, 2006

H on the beach

Grandfathers and H

It's not as if Hudson's life came to a full stop post christening - since, his days have been filled with Maine sort of events.

There was the beach cook-out he attended a few evenings back.

R laid a fire pit amongst the stones, we (minions) gathered dried wood bits, sausages were bought and hamburgers made.

And the weather - Maine's real ace - stayed agreeable.

Via R's great gift, the corn was perfectly timed to be completed and yet stay warm as the burgers cooked, then the rolls were browned. As an almost showy finale, R warmed the blueberry pie itself on the grill and all declared it cooked through.

And Mr. Hudson, attending his very first beach picnic, by observing all, sanctioning the rock skippers and judging none for their wine/sausage consumption, was a great addition.

Daily we add to his firsts.

Daily he thrills us with his own.

Sleep well dear Hudson.


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