Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And we gathered

That's all the cousins, Snooze, Tommy stuck back in there, plus Hudson, with Grandpop fronting at Ocean Forest, Sea Island this last Saturday.

R and I returned Sunday eve. If you can say you had an amazing time during a weekend spent mourning a great lady's passing, then we did.

The few days of cousins gathered, time beside Grandpop going through photos and Grandma's iconic jewelry (cocktail rings and enormous brooches), thick-hot Sea Island heat and funny smelling water, mingling amongst moredistant Forster cousins and friends of the G's, telling Grandma stories, making sandwiches and playing RumiQ with/against) Aunt Snooze - well, it wasn't horrible.

I'll post pictures which will do better work of communicating what was good.

And I'll post our words too from the memorial. Grandpop had asked Tenley (eldest Stephenson daughter), me (eldest/only Pyle), and Andrew (eldest Gates) to speak. We managed, i think, to bring Grandma back to life for a few moments and though there were plenty of overlap (congo bars and glue guns got lots of play), we roamed widely in our tales.

Okay - pictues to post and non-blog life to live.


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