Thursday, July 13, 2006

All Hudson

can't talk
just manages to keep his own head aloft,
rolls left from tummy center,
arches when he's filling his diaper,
dribbles white gook hours after feedings,
cries real tears,
pees aloft during changing,
fills out a onesie,
sometimes sleeps through the night, and sometimes doesn't,
finds calm in the treetops,
prefers outside to in,
puts up with the baby Bjorn,
doesn't get goosebumps,
mostly likes baths,
and has taken all of our hearts and clenched them in his tiny hands.

And he's looking a lot like Lindsey these days. It's hard not to think there must be reason in there, answers and some wisdom.

Here's to the man who kept 9 adults in thrall.


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