Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tree Tale

Nadine, MH and Micah - look on tree.

Sometimes a week escapes me.

Especially without Master Hudson as my time keeper, counting off the 3 hour intervals (though rumor is the little man slept 6 hrs straight the other day).

Last week was, blog-wise, just such a week.

Upside: A busy week (for me) with great stuff packed in and culminating with a group of friends upstate with me and R for the weekend. And two nights of R manning the grill, sunset, a visit to Olana, burning of branches and World Cup.

John and Nadine had given me a tree for my birthday. Saturday afternoon, between trips to the train station, we picked it out from the handsome stock at Phantom Gardener, burlapped + roped it to the Subaru, and took it home.
Tulip Tree-still-to-be-named was planted on Saturday afternoon.
In the hole dug for it, we found part of a pelvis bone, a shard of glass, bit of pottery and many rocks. When we placed it in the hole, we planted two Cheetos with it and watered it well. It's straight-standing and, with its auspicious first day, sure to be a fine member of my property's next 3 century.

Downside: radio-silence on the blog.

Will try to catch us/you/blog up.

And more Hudson pictures c/o Lynn.



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