Thursday, June 01, 2006

Return from the woods

That's the second-boat-house end of Upper Lake (in a region of beautiful Indian-named lakes, some stodgy puritans got to Upper Lake naming first?).

And that's me + R

and Dad + Sarah,

in the lean-to's we didn't sleep in, but visited.

To the great surprise of our distant cousins staying at the Merle-Smith Camp and assuming (the camp being without wiring, and requiring a combination of Ausable secret handshakes, 2 lake-lengths of canoing and 2 treks to reach) they'd be alone to digest their lunches that afternoon.

Until the Pyle/newhall/Chilov's wandered in.

They have a fine new topic for late-night lean-to diuscussions atop the balsam boughs,
And we have the memories, photos, and very sore bodies : )

More adirondack, and Hudson updates, soon...


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