Saturday, June 17, 2006

Little bits of news

Remarkably, it's raining again. All bright predictions had been for, finally, a sunny weekend. Those predictors must be under a wet rock.

Ah well.

The Hudson River is resiliently weather-be-what-it-may handsome. Above, a view of it from Olana, Frederick Church's well-perched house-cum-moorish fantasy above the river about 10 minutes north of me. The house is closed (I bought postcards of the interior, falling well short of a visit), but the 200 some acres are open and, in this spring, remarkable.

Our little crew of house guests wandered them: mis-identifying flowers, inspecting trees and admiring the peonies as we went. The peonies are in their blousy final throes, shedding petals like lady's hankerchiefs. (Such drama flowers, if flowers were linked to furniture, peonies would surely be the fainting chaise.)

And rounding out this minutia report:
My poison ivy is spreading and hideous. It's making up fro 35 years of not attacking with an onslaught.
The squirrels are mangling my feeder. R's promised to make a dent in the popluation if I get him a slingshot.
At the town dump this Wednesday, atop the paper dumpster (recycling) - boxes and boxes of National Geographics. Neatly ordered by year. Not wanting to be greedy (I'm still a dump newcomer), and having a good collection c/o Mimi anyway, but I did take some of the really early ones from 20's and 30's.
And there's a very small deer in the yard by the tree-line.
And my house is being painted.

And that's all the minutia for one day I can muster. More of substance soon.


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