Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's Hudson time

Chad, Hudson and Mr. Stork

I leave for Dallas this afternoon. American, DFW and nap-time schedule all willing, will have the little man in my arms by 8:45, 9 latest.

Promise not to return without a smile picture.



Traer said...

Hi, Courtney!
I have wanted to send you a message more than once since I began reading your blog after Lindsey's death and the arrival of Hudson. While I barely knew "Linds," and Chad not at all, I was privleged to attend her funeral and deeply moved by the extraordinary stories and memories her family, friends and collagues told about her and Chad and their excitment as they prepared for parenthood.

I love being able to read your blog and am so appreciative that you are willing to share your thoughts and feelings with friends and strangers alike. It is surprisingly comforting and meaningful for me to be able to stay a bit in touch this way. I also draw real pleasure from reading your prose and the sweet, lyrical awareness you bring to the simplest moments of your day.

When I have occassion to tell the story of Linds, Chad and Hudson to someone, they invariably are deeply moved. So I often tell them to visit your blog and see how big and strong Hudson is growing (tripple chin no less!)and to read your own reflections. It seems important not to let the memory of Linds get superceded by the latest shocking news headline or just the normal exigencies of work and life.

So, dear Courtney, thank you, and keep blogging!


agpie's mom said...

i have been lurking for awhile... was one of the many peripheral folks moved by hudson's story and so i began visiting your blog. today, after wondering to myself why i visit your blog since i have no personal connection to you or your family, i realized -- your blog is calming.
so. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Agpie's mom and Courtney: Interestingly enough, I have no connection to the family either and just stumbled upon this blogspot by happenstance. However, I find solace in visiting this site regularly -- just about daily for updates. Though I have no connection to the family, I have been deeply moved by Lindsey, Hudson, Chad and their story. And, I admire Courtney's lucid prose and her ability to chronicle her sister's story in spite of her own daily affairs. Hudson will cherish these memories forever!

Best regards!