Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hudson's Neighborhood

I didn't explain the whole house next-door thing yet. It will sound far-fetched so bear with me, and there are photos to accompany the explanation.

After Linds' memorial service April 21, our family reconvened in the backyard of Linds and Chad's house at 5927 Vanderbilt. We caught up, introduced arms of the family to other limbs, had some wine, spoke of Linds, crept in to look on Hudson.

A pod of wandering cousins noted a FOR SALE sign on the front lawn of the house next door.

5931 Vanderbilt.

To make a short story even shorter, cousin Tenley and husband John stepped up and purchased the place. The keys were turned over a few weeks back (I think) and Chris and I set to making the house habitable last week.

The house will serve as a sort of Hudson Visitor's Center. As Lynn and Bill's time in Dallas winds down, and Chad prepares to hire a full time nanny, the figuring was that Hudson (and Chad's) visitors would need a place to stay, close by. Almost close enough that on night duty you can hear Hudson's cries from across the drive.

(Not quite. But close enough that you can get on Chad's wi-fi from the far edge of the dining room.)

Anyway. Over the last few weeks as people have started staying at the house, they've started nesting. Rod and Chris bought all manner of under-counter supplies and a serious bed, Dad and Peppie did a full reconnaisance trip out to Ikea.

And in an intensely swedish 72 hours, Chris and I brought IKEA to Vanderbilt. With Bill on the allen wrench, Chad's donations, Lynn's support, Hudson as our muse and Tenley and John as our funders, the house is now fully featherd.

Here's to Hudson's village.

C (off to Maine early tomorrow)

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